Team Building Trainers

World's Top 20 Team Building Trainers in 2023

1. Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni is the founder of The Table Group and the author of 10 books which have sold over 4 million copies and been translated into more than 25 languages.

The Wall Street Journal called him one of the most sought after business speakers in America; he has addressed millions of people at conferences and events around the world over the past 15 years. Pat has written for or been featured in numerous publications including Harvard Business Review, Inc., Fortune, Fast Company, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek.

As CEO, Pat spends his time writing books and articles related to leadership and organizational health, speaking to audiences interested in those topics and consulting CEOs and their teams. Prior to founding The Table Group, Pat worked at Bain & Company, Oracle Corporation and Sybase. Pat lives in the Bay Area with his wife and four boys.

Elena Aguilar is a writer, leader, teacher, coach and podcaster. She is the author of six highly acclaimed books: The Art of Coaching, (2013) The Art of Coaching Teams (2016), Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators (2018) and The Onward Workbook (2018) and Coaching for Equity (2020) and The Art of Coaching Workbook (2020). She has also been a frequent contributor to Edutopia, ASCD’s Educational Leadership, and EdWeek Teacher.

She is the founder and president of Bright Morning Consulting, an organization committed to helping individuals and organizations create the conditions for transformation. Elena has taught tens of thousands of folks how to have conversations that build a more just and equitable world. Elena can be heard demonstrating these conversations on the Bright Morning Podcast.

Elena is also the co-founder of Kenya Big Picture Learning, she’s on the advisory board of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, and she is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher.

Jon Gordon’s best-selling books and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world. His principles have been put to the test by numerous Fortune 500 companies, professional and college sports teams, school districts, hospitals, and non-profits.

He is the author of 23 books including 10 best sellers and 5 children’s books. His books include the timeless classic The Energy Bus which has sold over 2 million copies, The Carpenter which was a top 5 business book of the year, Training Camp, The Power of Positive Leadership, The Power of a Positive Team, The Coffee Bean, Stay Positive, and The Garden. Jon and his tips have been featured on The Today Show, CNN, CNBC, The Golf Channel, Fox and Friends and in numerous magazines and newspapers.

His clients include The Los Angeles Dodgers, Campbell’s Soup, Dell, Publix, Southwest Airlines, Miami Heat, The Los Angeles Rams, Snapchat, Truist Bank, Clemson Football, Northwestern Mutual, West Point Academy and more.

Guy visioned the creation & development of team building concepts and then set about to convince the world of their benefits.

As founder of the Catalyst Global Team Building Network and a background in educational psychology, he saw the need for staff engagement programs long before ‘team building’ was a buzzword. And 30 years on, he is still passionate and excited about the benefits of team building.

In 2007, Guy instigated and facilitated the sale of Catalyst UK, the then dominant force in team building in the UK and retaining the IP for Catalyst Global team building products set about to create a global network of team building companies.

Catalyst Global is now the largest team building network in the world with over 47 licensees encompassing 90 countries. It continues to grow in number and sales month on month.

Anthony Kevin Dungy is a former professional American football safety, coach, and sports analyst who served as a head coach in the National Football League for 13 seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colt.

Tony Dungy is a #1 New York Times bestselling author whose books include Quiet Strength, Uncommon,The Mentor Leader and Uncommon Marriage. He led the Indianapolis Colts to Super Bowl victory on February 4, 2007, the first such win for an African American head coach. Dungy established another NFL first by becoming the first head coach to lead his teams to the playoffs for ten consecutive years.

He retired from coaching in 2009 and now serves as a studio analyst for NBC’s Football Night in America. He and his wife, Lauren, are the parents of ten children.


6. Robyn Benincasa

Robyn Benincasa has made an art form of an extreme performance by competing and winning at the highest levels of sport and business.

Robyn is an award-winning keynote speaker, a 20+ year veteran San Diego firefighter, a World Champion Adventure Racer, a 2014 CNN Hero, a Guinness World Record Endurance Kayaker, a New York Times best-selling author, and the Founder of The Project Athena Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to helping survivors of medical or other traumatic setbacks achieve their adventurous dreams.

Robyn is known as an inspirational force for leadership, teambuilding, and extreme performance. Her game-changing keynotes have earned Robyn accolades as one of the Top 50 Keynote Speakers in the World, the #1 Female Speaker for, and one of the Top 10 Speakers featured by Harvard Business Review.


7. Michael Alexis

Founding Director of Dream Team Catalyst specialising in event design and direction, new product development, sales and marketing and digital events.

Gerry started Dream Team Catalyst with Theo de Villiers in 1992 and shortly after teamed up with Geoff Griffin to take Dream Team to the forefront of team development in Africa. He is a skilled and passionate trainer & facilitator.

He brings a fresh and unconventional approach to the role of Master of Ceremonies. He brings his very unique style – a relaxed yet upbeat demeanour to events. He doesn’t take himself too seriously; he is optimistic, witty and unashamedly energetic. You may be forgiven for wondering “what is Gerry on”? It must be said however that to date all tests for illegal substances have come back negative!

David is the Managing Director of Asia Ability Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) and Asia Ability Training Pte Ltd (Singapore).  He is an accomplished and highly experienced trainer/ facilitator. He has been working in the corporate training and development field in Asia for the last 25 years.

David also consults international organisations on organizational development and project management. David has designed and conducted numerous training workshops including Leadership skills, Leadership development, team leading, Team development, Conflict management, Creative problem solving, Cross cultural teams, Cross cultural management and customer service.

He has led the team through a rapid pivot to design and deliver the most creative and effective Virtual Training and Remote Team Building events. His deep passion for helping teams develop and perform better translates perfectly to the numerous teams now working remotely.

9. Waldo Waldman

Keynote speaker and leadership expert Waldo Waldman is the author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Never Fly Solo®.

He teaches tactics on how to build trusting, revenue producing relationships with employees, partners, and customers while sharing his experiences as a decorated fighter pilot and sales expert.

A graduate of the Air Force Academy, he holds an MBA with a focus on Organizational Behavior and is a former top producing sales manager. He successfully led national sales efforts for several cutting-edge technology and consulting firms before becoming a motivational speaker and leadership expert.

Waldo is a retired Lt Col who overcame massive claustrophobia and a fear of heights to become a decorated fighter pilot with 65 combat missions and 2,650 flight hours. He’s deployed worldwide and led combat missions in Iraq, SE Asia, and Kosovo during Operation Allied Force.

10. Mike Abrashoff

Mike Abrashoff is at the center of one of the most remarkable modern day stories of organizational transformation.  

At 36, he was selected to be Commander of USS Benfold and was the most junior commanding officer in the Pacific fleet.   The challenges of this underachieving destroyer were staggering, with low morale and the highest turnover rate in the Navy.  Few thought the ship could improve.

Since leaving the Navy, Mike has worked with over 1200 organizations instilling leadership initiatives at every level – achieving phenomenal change in unexpected places.  Leaders especially identify with Mike being accountable for results in an environment where he couldn’t make the rules.  He focused on the one thing he could influence: his crew’s attitude, because culture is the ultimate competitive weapon for any organization. 

As a keynote speaker, Mike has spoken to every industry and kind of audience – from board retreats to front line personnel, from sales groups to universities, from Fortune 500s to startups. 

Emma Doyle unleashes human potential through the ‘E’ factors, energy, empathy and enjoyment. Emma is a motivational speaker (TEDx), mentor and coach originally from Melbourne, Australia helping you turn your motivation into activation.

She has been coaching for 30 years and through her keynote speaking, mentoring, coaching, and consultancy she inspires, improves, and impacts players, coaches, teams, and corporates within her Global triangle between Melbourne, Australia, Denver, Colorado and Glasgow, Scotland.

She has represented her native country as an Australian coach on 20 occasions winning four Asia Oceania world team titles including the 2018 Australian Junior Fed Cup team. She was awarded PTR Colorado Coach of 2020 and she holds PCC accreditation with the ICF.

Emma’s pioneering approach to effective communication strategies and coaching techniques encourages people to take action (NLP and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner).

Tom Wujec is a technology pioneer, TED speaker, entrepreneur, writer and facilitator who helps people solve complex problems and create wickedly great outcomes. 

Tom is the founder of The Wujec Group, a boutique consultancy that helps organizations create a massive positive impact on business and society. His group creates custom Workshops and consults with Fortune 200 leaders from a vast range of industries to create and deliver breakthrough digital strategies. It also trains and equips organizations to become better problem solvers and design thinkers. 

Tom is the author of six books on technology, design, business, and creative collaboration. Some have been translated into 16 languages. He has spoken at TED six times and delivered over 400 keynoters and workshops globally.

13. Guy Moxley

Guy Moxley has MC’d events, conferences and meetings for over 15 years in Australia and across the globe.

Guy Moxley and his team provide team building solutions to clients, in a fun, energetic and safe manner, that teams, businesses and people love’.

Based in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and delivering throughout the SEA region, not only an MC but a leading supplier of corporate challenging activities and team building activities.

With over 40 leading unique programs all flexible around time delivery, location and budget. Every program is bespoke to a client’s group size and budget.

14. James Mclauchlan

James is NLP Certified Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, Conversational Hypnosis,
Advanced Hypnosis, Belbin Profile Trainer, DiSC Profile Trainer.

James has been changing lives through facilitating events, public speaking and leading programs in Singapore since 2010.

After he graduated in 2005 with a Masters degree in Engineering and French, James lived and worked in Malaysia, France, Sweden and Singapore.

His ability to easily relate to groups and individuals has led him to become a sought after facilitator both in Singapore and worldwide.

Rajkumar is the founder of Sieger, a leading Team Building, Outbound Training, Virtual Team Building, Corporate Training (Leadership Development, Soft Skills & Technical) and Online Training company in India, with a national network.

Sieger has been changing lives through challenge and discovery. Our programs continue to serve corporate officials, students and individuals with in-house, outdoor expeditions, virtual learning and other innovative program occur in India’s most beautiful natural areas, in classrooms, city parks, in resorts, wilderness, boardrooms or a destination of the client’s choice.

Sieger expeditionary learning approach is an educational framework that emphasizes high achievement through active learning, personal & professional development, and leadership & teamwork – across diverse learning environments. We deliver programs using unfamiliar settings as a way for participants to experience adventure and challenge in a way that helps them to discover that they can do more than they thought possible.
Rob started Turnaround in 2007 with a vision to blend traditional team building programs with meaningful learning experiences.

He has spent 15 years in the Middle East designing, customizing and delivering team performance workshops.
Rob’s passionate approach, innovative style and knowledge of the local culture have earned him many loyal clients from all industry sectors.

17. Alexandra Pett

Alexandra has been motivating and educating teams with focused, fun and engaging team building activities for almost 20 years.

Having worked across a vast array of industries and companies she has a unique and comprehensive understanding of the challenges involved in developing and implementing effective team building, leadership training and development programs.

18. Bhaskar Thyagarajan

Bhaskar is the chief architect of BlueSky’s experiential solutions platform for organizations and Institutions.

Bhaskar has been at the forefront of expanding people’s understanding of what constitutes experiential learning and how it can be integrated into organizational mainstream beyond just learning and development.

His vision and expertise have given rise to the many platforms that BlueSky offers today from simulation gaming to art and music based activities.

In a world where the only thing constant is change, Bhaskar has successfully donned many hats from being a research specialist to corporate training consultant. His stints with Advertising & communications at Lowe India (formerly Lintas Advertising) & ESPN Star Sports into media & audience behaviour research have given him a solid grounding in consumer behavior and group dynamics.

19. Tasia Duske

Tasia is the top-boss at Museum Hack and oversees all operations.

She is a fierce advocate for women in leadership, joyful management and practicing your warrior 1 on the F train.

Tasia’s early career was in clinical psychology, and when she realized that companies need warm love and support too, she moved to “organization therapy.” Step 1 was building company culture and team satisfaction at Marriott, and then Tasia joined Museum Hack as staff manager, then chief of staff and now super boss CEO.

Gary is a founding partner of WITS, as well as the Artistic Director of the National Comedy Theatre in New York City and San Diego.

Gary has presented workshops for companies such as Nike, Bayer, JP Morgan Chase, Nextel, Blue Shield, Home Depot, and dozens more. As a performer, he has appeared in over 4000 shows, including performances for almost every major corporation in the U.S., including AT&T, Allstate, Hewlett Packard, Pacific Bell and Kinko’s.

Gary has also toured internationally for the Armed Forces, performing in places such as Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, Turkey, Greece, Djibouti, Dubai, Qatar, Italy, Spain and Utah.