Training for cannabis jobs gets to the heart of L&D’s ‘build or buy’ dilemma

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Outside the cannabis industry, there is a common misconception that professionals should be prone to smoking cannabis in order to be successful in the cannabis industry. From start-up executives to multinational corporate (MSO) chief people officers, the cannabis expert said his HR Dive, and his frequent intake of THC and his CBD products, are not for most recruiters in the field. He says it’s not a consideration. “We used to ask if you were a consumer.

Beyond that, the talent challenges in this area are very nuanced, and heated debate rages on the finer details of cannabis-related skill building.As is the case with many HR departments these days, L&D is coming to the fore.Employers who feel talent shortages are facing “Make or buy” dilemma: Do they hire for potential and prioritize upskilling, or do they wait for the perfect candidate to cross their path?

Kenyon, a human capital management firm (HCM) leader, said the industry’s largest MSOs are investing in upskilling and career development. “If companies aren’t investing in L&D now, they think he’s a year or he’s two years behind,” he said. From his experience running HCM his platform, he has seen his L&D spending increase by 300% in the last 12 months. “We expect this growth to continue over the next few years,” he said.

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The need for L&D is growing as the industry itself expands its roots. Leafly’s 2022 Jobs Report shows that cannabis employment increased by 33% year-on-year. In the five years since the MSO oversaw cannabis jobs, the industry continues to add more than 27% of him to the roster. “To put it into perspective, employment in business and finance occupations is projected to grow by only 8% over the decade,” the researchers said. Accompanying press statement.

MSO and thought leader in the field, Leafly counts 428,059 jobs created in 2021. Among them are retail store clerks and pharmacy administrators, buttenders. We need cannabis farmers. So do chemists. Labs need technicians and managers. THC and CBD products need the support of testers, marketers, packaging experts and his chain of supply.

A brand always needs a COO and a CFO. This is the final role. Unique and distinct payroll challengesA lawyer can help you with that. And, of course, companies need HR (people teams) to fill open roles and be the glue that makes it all work.

Not only is weed consumption a non-factor in the hiring process, but knowledge of cannabis isn’t the main feature each HR manager looks for in a resume.

“No cannabis knowledge is required,” confirmed Tyneeha Rivers, chief people officer at Curaleaf, a prominent MSO. Naturally, if potential employers are applying for geneticist jobs or grower roles, their science-based knowledge of plants is an asset. No experience with cannabis is required.”

She emphasized to HR Dive that most skill sets acquired in other industries are transferable. “It’s a basic ability,” she adds, laying the foundation for a strong candidate.

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In addition to being a team player, she explained that the ideal candidate should understand that Curaleaf is “growing rapidly”. She says, “You have to be agile, roll up your sleeves, and be able to get the job done. That’s what we’re looking for.” Therefore, beyond being over 21 years of age, the main criteria that must be met is technical aptitude, or at least a willingness to learn.awill rekindle the debate about the future of cannabis L&D as the new blood of

“T“It’s a point of contention within my company,” Kenyon said. ’ Not just educating every employee on the chemistry behind the botanicals and cannabinoids of specific strains.

“New accountants don’t need to know about terpenes, they don’t need to know about sativa, indica and THC percentages.” How come you didn’t know that? ” Kenyon explained the quarrel. In fact, cannabis L&D for Würk employees looks like traditional training.

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